News days

If there was an overriding memory of my university experience, it has to be news days. Working to a strict schedule in a heightened news-room environment efficiently magnified both our strengths and our weaknesses. One story in particular would ask questions of us that are still disturbingly present today.

Emiliano Sala was a footballer from Progreso, a tiny rural community in northeast Argentina, who was due to become what he likely imitated as a child: a Premier League star. On January 21st 2019, just three days after signing for Cardiff City for a club record fee, Sala departed Nantes on a light aircraft which, tragically, wouldn’t reach its destination.

The story, which warranted coverage from news organisations globally, broke during the TV week of our news days and naturally became a sensitive issue for everyone involved. We were tasked with providing developments on the story, including interviewing fans who were experiencing raw emotions as the fate of Sala remained unknown at the time. Myself and Ross were two of the students tasked with covering Sala’s dissappearance; you can see the piece which I filmed below.

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