Carers Trust South East Wales

My first year working for CTSEW has been eye-opening to say the least. I’ve met inspirational characters, tackled challenging stories and am now in a transitional phase where I’m looking to apply a newfound apprehension of digital marketing towards my endeavours.

Below you can find an example of each of the various tasks I’ve had to complete.

Social Media



Case Study

Tom and Ed

Meta description: Imogen is able to climb mountains courtesy of her real life superheroes, who just happen to be her older brothers.

Ed and Imogen

Blog post

Our fundraising musketeers

Intro: They say good things come in threes and this is certainly true of our staff, who are tripling up in their efforts to complete a trifecta of fundraising activities…

Left to right: Arif, Lauren and myself

Press release

How a charity in Bridgend are making carers ‘everyone’s business’

On a congested road found west of the The Old Bridge, spanning The River Ogmore, an even busier team are taking strides to support carers in the region.


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